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Cheapest Mealworms

Bulk Mealworms

Packed full of protein, mealworms are a natural food to feed to birds.

Feed dry, or soak them in water to provide a plump, easy to eat treat for your birds.

Due to their high calcium content, Calci Worms are an excellent Hedgehog Food.

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  1. 12.55kg Dried Mealworms
    1x 12.55kg

    £5.50 per kg

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  2. 10kg Dried Mealworms
    2x 5kg

    £6.35 per kg

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  3. 10kg Calci Worms
    2x 5kg

    £4.35 per kg

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  4. 12.55kg Calci Worms
    1x 12.55kg

    £3.90 per kg

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