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  1. 12.55kg Sunflower Hearts
  2. 25.1kg Sunflower Hearts
  3. 25kg Black Sunflower Seeds
  4. 25kg All Year Bird Seed
  5. 300 Standard Fat Balls

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We specialise in larger bags of bird food - namely 12.55kg, 20kg and 25kg. We've kept our website simple to keep the costs down (which we pass on to you) and to make it really easy to order. Delivery is FREE over £50, so once you know what you want, proceed to checkout and follow the instructions to place your order.

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Rated 4.8/5 on TrustPilot

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Wild Bird Food

We sell a range of wild garden bird foods for our feathered friends. They'll love how tasty the food is and you're sure to love our low, low prices! When we say we're the cheapest, we mean it and our prices are price checked daily so you can be confident you're getting the best possible prices available in the UK online today.

Our wild bird food covers Sunflower Hearts, Seed Mixes, Suet Pellets and of course a range of Fat Balls. You won't find bird feeders, feeding stations, bird tables or any other accessories for sale on our site - omitting these products is just one of the ways we can sell our food at these prices.

Supporting Wild Birds

We're not just committed to supporting nature, we're committed to not damaging your wallet (or purse) much. In fact we want to make feeding your wild garden birds as easy, cheap and pain free as possible. Afterall it shouldn't cost the earth to keep the earth in harmony.

Our bird food is designed to cover a wide range of birds from the UK's favourite - the robin, to blackbirds, doves, woodpeckers, finches and much much more.

For the colder winter months, we recommend feeding suet pellets, fat balls or suet blocks (basically any suet). It's usually best to feed these alongside other bird foods to keep your birds happy, healthy and full of energy for the cold spells ahead.

For the warmer spring and summer months, we recommend supplementing your normal feeding with smaller foods such as sunflower chips. This makes it so easy for small birds and fledglings to feed, so everyone cat get the energy they need at your feeders.

Bulk Bird Feeding at Bargain Prices

Another way we can give you these fantastically low prices is by only selling in bulk. That way we can keep our costs down and better spread the costs across our range of products to give you the cheapest possible price.

We're proud to say this makes us the cheapest in the UK for online bird food today.

We want you to enjoy feeding your garden birds without having to worry about how much it's costing you. We hope you and your local wildlife enjoy your foods as much as we love playing our part in supporting nature.